Ambient Ideas offers professional training about the techniques we apply for client projects on both software engineering efforts and construction of presentations on technical materials.


Matthew McCullough, our lead presenter, has given hundreds of insightful technical talks at over 50 different venues, spanning North America, Central America and Europe. We're always seeking out new opportunities to share tips on how to be more productive as a developer and how to leverage cutting edge technologies like Cloud Computing, Maven and Git DVCS for your business' benefit.

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Ambient Ideas has significant experience offering Open Source and Software Development Efficiency training to firms ranging in size from 5 person teams to 5000 employee corporations. Our training sessions are most commonly held in a structured yet fun format, with the team in attendance getting a engaging balance of demo-based and hands-on training. We enable firms to increase SARBOX compliance with the use of tools such as Maven for the build process via online lectures, and reduce development costs and schedules by demonstrating the perfect open source components to fill gaps that would have otherwise been developed in house.

Sample a training session from Ambient Ideas today and your developers will rave about what they learned and you'll recognize the efficiency and skills they can apply to their development projects.


Matthew McCullough is contributing to a book that shares real-world experience on giving great technical talks in the Medical, Chemistry, Science, and Engineering spaces with colleagues Nate Schutta and Neal Ford. Follow the book's progress towards a 2010 release on

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