Git hits the Road: Sweden, Poland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

08 May 2011

octocat-class-act.jpgIn the whirlwind last five weeks, I've taken Git on the road to five countries for Git and GitHub workshops and presentations. It has been a blast to bring a tool that I'm so excited about to folks that at first are skeptical about changing something as core to their jobs as a version control system. Within a few minutes and a few examples, converts are being made. I've found that the best way to share Git is to show how things are frequently done now. Heads nod in agreement. Then, how they could be made better if only... Heads shake, thinking such improvements are not yet possible. Lastly, a demo of Git's solution to those current problems in an apparent space-age VCS utopia seals the deal. New Git-fanatics are born.

The first pair of recent stops began with ScanDev, a wonderful conference that brings agility, .Net, open source, and Java solutions together under one roof. I will continue to head back any time that I'm invited. Tim Berglund of August Technology Group and I paired up to teach a Git workshop before the conference. I was able to meet a student from Denmark that I had coached via the Internet on the topic of Maven, from years past. He was back to add Git to his skill set. The second leg of the trip after ScanDev routed me to Kraków, Poland for the 33rd Degree conference. I would rate the students there as some of the most intent listeners and passionate learners I've had the privilege to teach in the last year. I'm hoping I have an invitation to return to the 2012 instance of this show.

JAX 2011The second tour began eleven days ago and included my very first opportunity to teach Git at JAX in Mainz, Germany. This is a conference that Ted Neward and Neal Ford constantly say wonderful things about. I got to experience that first hand. A completely full room for the Git workshop was a wonderfully welcoming sight. The group and I had a great day together doing tons of hands-on Git repository manipulation.

Leg number two of this run took me to Linz, Austria for a combination of a full-day Git workshop followed by a Git talk at the eJUG run by the very professional Martin Ahrer. The group was chomping at the bit to return to work the following day and start converting SVN repos to Git.

CanooThe summation of this trip took me to Basel, Switzerland, which, I can report, is as beautiful as every other part of Helvetia that I've had the chance to see. Hamlet D'Arcy and the Canoo crew had me do two days of Git training in which both Canooies and external students attended. It was maxed out on both days -- the room could not hold a single additional person. I squeezed in a walking tour of a quadrant of the city with Hamlet and his daughter on her skooter. I can see the attraction of living there with foot access to meals, shops, parks, the Rhein and flights to just about anywhere in Europe. It was in sum, a delight in every respect.

Attention turns to the future with the St. Louis instance of No Fluff Just Stuff right around the corner at the end of this week and a multi-day Git private training in New York City for the majority of the following week. Then, there's the Salt Lake City JUG, and the Dallas NFJS. More Git fun almost every week of this year.

With this much attention on Git, there must be something to it. If you haven't taken a look at it yet, set aside an hour (or six) of your time this coming week and do so. Let me know what you think. Maybe even sign up for a class if your interest is piqued.