Git at Canoo in Basel, Switzerland

08 Mar 2011


Ben Franklin Octocat and I are pleased to announce that I'll be giving one and possibly even two days of Git training at the Canoo offices in Basel, Switzerland in May.  There is some room for public registrants, so take a quick look at the page and if the very affordable 225 CHF fits your budget, come and join us on that Thursday or Friday for a great day of Git mentoring (in-person is always the most valuable form of learning).

GitHub Octocat, Ben Franklin

You''ll walk away with a solid understanding of the Git DVCS tool -- not just wrote memorization.  The class is conducted in a very interactive style and we'll aim to travel from the basics all the way to some very advanced DVCS moves.  You'll be able to wield ultimate power over your source code history whether stored locally, at your company, or on the awesome GitHub platform.

See you in CH!