O’Reilly Git Master Class Videos Launched

15 Feb 2011

Five Hours of Complete Git Training via Video

I have the privilege of announcing that the videos that Tim Berglund and I recorded in a Denver film studio just a brief while ago are now for sale at the O’Reilly online store. These 5 hours of downloadable and streamable Git training videos are similar to the in-person and online classes that I teach about this exciting distributed version control system. The price point is aggressive — a mere $49.95 USD — and they can be watched, increment by increment, at your leisure from the comfort of your couch at home or discomfort of your next plane flight.

These videos aim to give you a ground-up tutorial on the mechanics and usage of the Git distributed version control system. With the recent milestones of 1,500,000 repositories and 500,000 users at GitHub, the premier place to host Git repositories in a collaborative and dare I say, social way, Git is gaining incredible traction with software craftsmen and craftswomen everywhere.

A few fantastic comments have been made about the videos in the few days that they've been on the market. Here's one from a good friend and long-time NFJS attendee, Darin Pope:

Darin Pope's Comment about the Git Master Class O'Reilly Videos