Matthew's 2011 Europe Conferences

20 Dec 2010

I am pleased to have been selected to deliver Git and Hadoop presentations at three exciting venues in Europe in 2011.

JFokus 2011The exciting sharing of Git begins with JFokus in Stockholm, Sweden on the 14th of February, 2011. I'll be delivering a 1 hour Git Intro talk, a 3 hour Git University Session, and a 2 day Git Workshop. It will be my first journey to Stockholm and I'm expecting to see it in its wintery white state. This trip will be made possibly in part by Scott Chacon and other generous sponsors at

SDC 2011.pngThe fun in Scandinavia continues with the ever-popular and ever-more-necessary Encryption on the JVM talk at the Scandinavian Developers Conference in Göteborg, Sweden on April 4th and 5th. It will be preceded by a Git Workshop taught by myself and Tim Berglund of the August Technology Group.

33rd Degree 2011.pngScanDev will be quickly followed by DWorld's 33rd Degree Java Conference in Kraków, Poland. I'll share some insights with attendees about Hadoop and Git and have a post-conference workshop on Git.

JAX 2011The final Springtime stop will be at JAX which will be held in Mainz, Germany on May 2nd through 6th. I'll be delivering a Git talk and a Git university session in the countryside west of Frankfurt.

JavaZone 2011.pngAnd yes, I'm already planning my September, 2011 trip to JavaZone in Oslo, Norway. This conference has become a favorite in so many ways. I love to debut and passionately deliver new talks to this conference and the crowd is so receptive to new ideas and the latest technology. The equally great part about this show is its newly minted JourneyZone -- an after-conference wilderness adventure in the Norwegian mountains. The 2010 edition was fantastic. I don't know how any outdoor adventure could top it. But the organizers say they are trying, and I believe them!

What a year 2011 will be. So much fun and so many places to share all the topics I'm most excited about. I can hardly wait for it to get started.