Online Training

18 Dec 2010

GitHub Octocat

I've recently had the privilege of being selected as the primary online and secondary in-person trainer for on all things Git. We held our first online training on December 14th and it was a smashing success. It was rapidly followed by a private online session for a large US game-producing powerhouse which was an equal success. The second training prompted some fun feedback such as "You are an excellent teacher and the Git course was great." and "I thought I knew a lot about Git until I took your course and realized there was so much more to explore!"

With such positive feedback, we'll be running the GitHub online Git classes every month now. The next ones are January 18th and February 11th. There will be an updated outline to include git-svn and a discounted January one-time sale for just $195. Don't miss this opportunity to get bootstrapped with this cutting edge version control system. Git just reached a milestone with over 500,000 active users and 1,500,000 repositories at Find out why developers are so excited about this tool and how it can make a radical difference in your workflow no matter what programming language you use.