Rich Web Experience - Florida in December

23 Aug 2010

I'm excited to be presenting at the Rich Web Experience this December. It'll be a great show, but the venue location simply adds to the magnetism. Who can resist beaches and Florida in December?

I'll be doing a sharpened version of my iOS workshop with Ben Ellingson. Attendance numbers will be greatly limited compared to our last time we ran this workshop so as to give plenty of one-on-one attention to students. We'll get to use the latest iOS 4 SDK with its polished UI, developer-helpful features and Git integration. I hope you'll consider joining us for this special one-day addition to the conference. Ben and I will be tempted to run the workshop on the beach.

I'll also be doing a Git workshop in the main portion of the show. If you haven't already heard, Git (and GitHub) is the hot new open source source code control tool that is agnostic to your programming language of choice but adds features driven by developer needs, not by marketing teams. Bring your notebook, see what the buzz is about, and walk away with a Monday-morning-equipped set of skills to apply Git on your next project.

See you on the beach!