Git at the Atlanta JUG

17 Aug 2010

Today, I'm excited to be presenting Git (my current favorite topic) to the Atlanta JUG (AJUG) on behalf of the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium Series. Gunnar Hillert has been most welcoming, and Pratik Patel has been a great promoter of the talk. Thank you both.

In about 75 minutes, I'll explain why the Git Version Control System deserves your attention as your next version control system. I'll show you its blazing speed adding 5000 files to a repo, creating a repository at GitHub, initiating a local branch, merging with a colleague's repository, and finding which commit broke the integration tests.

I've also set up a few resources for attendees to peruse after the talk, including:

In short, if you have the least bit of dissatisfaction with your existing version control system, this talk should tip you squarely in favor of the new world of Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS), and specifically, my favorite implementation, Git.