A Set of Exciting Conferences

04 Apr 2010

I'm enjoying the privilege of being invited to several large conferences across the globe in 2010. Let me give you a brief overview of these exciting just-attended and upcoming venues...

Scandinavian Developer Conference Scandinavian Developer Conference

I just wrapped up giving my well heeled Open Source Debugging for Java talk to the wonderful folks at the 2010 Scandinavian Developer Conference in Göteborg, Sweden. Tomas and Lennart were the most wonderful conference hosts and the speaker dinner was world class. The conference was around 700 strong this year, which broke through expectations of growth from 2009. That showcases what a polished event Iptor hosts.

Many stateside colleagues joined me on this trip, including Tim Berglund, Paul Rayner, and Nate Scutta.

Matthew McCullough at GIDS Great Indian Developer Summit

Next, I'm looking forward to the Great Indian Developer's Summit in just a few short days from now. I'll be speaking on a range of topics from iPhone Development for Java Programmers all the way to Dividing and Conquering large datasets with Hadoop. I've already been impressed by the helpfulness of the Saltmarch hosts, Usha Karen and Dilip Thomas.

Epicenter, The Irish Software Show Epicenter

In June, I've been invited to the green landscape of Dublin, Ireland to present at Epicenter. I'll be speaking on iPhone development for Java Programmers once again (a topic I'm passionate and knowledgeable about) in addition to Encryption on the JVM.

UberConf UberConf

Just one day after returning from Epicenter, I'll be speaking for four days in my hometown of Denver, Colorado at the newly minted UberConf. It will be a weekday show with a very unique pre-conference workshop (boot camp) on iPad Development for Java Developers. Ben Ellingson will be co-teaching this class with me.

There will be over 100 sessions at this unique conference, which is scale-tipping for an NFJS branded event. There are even registration levels that are all-inclusive, which works great for some corporately sponsored attendees. These unique (and quite successful) packages bundle travel, hotel, meals, registration, and an iPad. You'll know your exact costs before you even take one step towards an airport.

No Fluff Just Stuff Series No Fluff Just Stuff Series

And lastly, I'll continue to present at my favorite recurring conference series, the No Fluff Just Stuff tour. There are at least 15 more stops on the tour this year and I hope to hit most of them. I'm looking forward to meeting up with a lot of the audience members that I had delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners with in 2009 in the cities where the tour visits.