Git More

25 Mar 2009

It seems like all the cool kids were already talking about Git, and now even the button-down organizations I work with are taking notice.

  1. JRuby is moving over to Kenai on a Git repository
  2. Grails is on GitHub. Yes, Graeme's even excited about it. And Jason Rudolph is thinking he can nearly expunge his knowledge of git-svn.
  3. And my favorite Peanut butter and Chocolate story of Maven, Git and Ruby Gems is on a GitHub repo.

The folks in Minneapolis at NFJS and at the Albuquerque JUG last week had a rocking good time with Git when I presented it at both places.

Jason van Zyl of Maven fame has caught the Git bug too. And Don Brown and I work on the Maven CLI plugin in a GitHub repo, for which forking and pulling has become a way of life.

Part of this surge on Git is spurred by the fact that great new training materials are sprouting right and left. If you are hungry for more Git education, then in addition to the git bookmarks I'm constantly updating, take a look specifically at:

  1. The OGRE Git Tutorial
  2. The higher-education Git Magic eBook at Stanford
  3. The down to earth GitHub learning pages
  4. Or the brand new GitGuru

Git Going... and I'll see you in Seattle in a little under two weeks to convince you Why Git is Better than X!