iPhone 2G Network Switching from 850Mhz to 1900Mhz?

05 Jan 2009

Here's an interesting, though only lightly cross verified fact. AT&T might be moving the 2G network over to the 1900Mhz band (your phones are practically tri-band, nowadays) and using 850Mhz for more of the 3G network. 850Mhz penetrates barriers more easily, thereby yielding, in most cases, a better signal reach and strength. I have noticed and commented to co-workers (prior to this article) an lessened ability to get 2G signal in many of my normal locations around Denver. So to me, this is a consumer scientific same-data-point test, and I'm seeing reduced throughput and signal strength (in some cases, 0 bars now at places I used to be able to get 2 or 3). Comments from anyone with a 1st Gen iPhone?