Neal Ford's Productive Programmer, 2nd Printing

13 Aug 2008

Neal Ford just wrote a very generous post about the second printing of "The Productive Programmer", a book I highly recommend and have encouraged many fellow developers to go to SoftPro and purchase. He thanked the technical reviewers that contributed, including some of my acquaintances such as Greg Ostravich of the Denver Java Users Group and Venkat Subramaniam.

The section, to be generously added to the 2nd printing reads:

"A special thanks goes out to the technical reviewers for this book. Without their hard work and dedication, this book would suffer lots of silly mistakes and confusing explanations. Thanks to Greg Ostravich (who has reviewed every book of mine for the last few years and gotten no recognition, unfortunately), Venkat Subramaniam, David Bock, Nathaniel Schutta, and Matthew McCullough."