Neal Ford's "The Productive Programmer" book is now available

10 Jul 2008

I am excited to tell you that I received one of the very first copies of the O'Reilly Neal Ford book, "The Productive Programmer", as a result of being one of the tech editors (Greg Ostravich, Venkat Subramaniam). The book is excellent and I am proud to have contributed effort to it. Neal was a great guy to work with -- responsive, cordial, and appreciative.

This book offers some neat, language agnostic tips and tricks for your daily work life as a programmer. You'll find yourself incorporating no fewer than 5 of these the first day after you've picked up the book. It offers suggestions such as keyboard shortcut "helper apps" and ways to create shell scripts to stop you from performing repetitive tasks manually. Grab a copy from your local bookstore as soon as you can.

Neal Ford, Productive Programmer.gif