Seth Godin Books

09 Jun 2008

Here are some excellent books on marketing by Seth Godin that I'm also done reading. At first you'll say, "I'm not a marketer, so why would I read these?" One quick read through these books will change forever how you look at things that are marketed to you every day. It will make you a cynic about most ads, and also give you an entirely new vantage point on whatever you job is and how you "market" it to other people, perhaps without even knowing it. He also has a web site and more useful / very insightful blog. Even his video of his talk at Google is pretty good, though a bit longer than it should have been. I love his story about, "If cat food were being marketed to cats, it would come in one flavor, MOUSE! Instead, it is being marketed to people so it comes in flavors like Grilled Salmon. Because of course, cats in the wild start open fires and GRILL the salmon they catch in the river."

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