MsgFiler and OmniFocus Help Me Cut the eMail Clutter Fast

03 Jan 2008

Every once in a while, I post about productivity apps. This time, I've got two that you should go and purchase, now. If you don't you are simply wasting valuable time.

The first is MsgFiler. I've been using it every since I switch to Mac. With a CMD-9 keystroke, it lets you move messages into folders anywhere in your mail folders hierarchy. And trust me, I have a huge hierarchy. I received and sent a little over 28,000 retainable (doesn't count junk or ones I threw out) messages this year. So I need a tool like this, desperately. And Adam Tow, the developer, even takes the time to email back to his users; a rarity these days. He just rewrote the app for Leopard in Cocoa, and it is amazingly fast (perhaps 5x its previous speed).

The second product is a GTD implementation called OmniFocus. It is a task manager on steroids for those of us trying to live the GTD way of life. Couldn't live without it now. I'm hooked.