How To Write A Press Release for Your Services

26 Sep 2007

An interesting article about maximizing your freelancing exposure through a press release about research you've performed or skills you've gained:

"If you have an interesting story to tell, a press release will help you to make newspaper editors aware of it.

Maybe you recently won an award. Maybe you stumbled upon some interesting information in the field you work in. Or maybe your design contributed towards some kind of achievement on behalf of your client.

Depending on the scale and content of your story, you can send your press release to marketing websites, marketing magazines, the relevant trade press, the regional press, and even the business section of the national press."


"How a mouse can make you look 10 years younger.

A release in a fashion magazine about the work of a Photoshop specialist who touches up photo-portraits.

Color purple gets people spending.

A release in an advertising magazine about how purple advertisements are the most effective at driving sales.

Company makes $500,000 by opening doors six inches wider.

A release in a marketing magazine, about how a photographer advised her door manufacturing client to re-shoot the company catalog. Photos of closed doors were changed to doors that were slightly ajar—a decision which resulted in extra sales.

How to hire a full-service marketing agency for just ten bucks.

A release about a new breed of freelance copywriter/designers, featuring a freelance designer who has recently integrated copywriting into her service—and is introducing the service to new clients for ten dollars per page."